Manage your data from Tunisia with Impact Player

« An Impact Player is someone that join in during the game with greater physical freshness and better tonic effect in comparison to his opponent. »

The outsourcing is no longer the luxury of companies. Nowadays, start-ups, small and medium business can benefit from it too. 


Our services

Back Office

  • Brochure product management (descriptions and product pictures)

  • Input of rates

  • Control and validation of the orders

  • Sending of the booking related documents

  • Input of customers and suppliers receipt

  • Input of customers and suppliers payment

  • Control and lettering of bank statements

  • Accounting pre-entry

Front Office - Call center

  • Receipt of calls

  • Customer telemarketing

  • Secretarial services

  • Webchat customer service

  • Order management (bookings, estimates, etc.)

  • Customer support and information

  • Recovery


How does it work?

Unit of work-based pricing

You only pay for what you consume
  • You will be charge upon the task realised

  • You will only pay what you consume

  • An excellent solution to face an increasing workload

Une équipe dédiée

No commitment
  • Provision of a full-time dedicated team which is specialised and experienced

  • No duration commitment (1-month notice)

  • Work environment provided (computer, desk and internet connexion)

  • Task reporting

  • Monthly billing


Our advantages


Our teams are based in Tunisia, a nearshore location. Its proximity with Europe permits to avoid jetlag.


At your disposal a French and English-speaking staff. Tunisian education system is close to the French one and has endowed our staff with at least a bachelor.

Competitive rates

Our rates are twice cheaper than in Europe.

Office in Paris

Our office in France, in Paris, will allow us to meet you in person.


About us

BPO office in Tunisia

Our Business Process Outsourcing activity is based in Tunisia and permit you to outsource your Front and Back Office process.


Founded in 2016 by 2 Franco-Tunisians:
Lotfi Gabsi
Ridha Bouasker
They are outsourcing activities in Tunisia for more than 10 years.



We are helping all kind of companies to outsource their activities.

The team

A staff of 40 people to answer all your needs: telephone sales representative, accountant, etc.

Some references

Thalasso n°1
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+ 33 1 86 26 09 80

52 rue de Malte
75011 - Paris


40 avenue Hedi Chaker
8050 Hammamet 

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